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Here you will find some of our recent photographs including high school senior portraits, headshots for models and actors, branding, lifestyle, real estate, and commercial photography!  Please contact us if you are interested in any of these services.  Looking forward to chatting with you!


Let me start with my story....


I'm Kristie. Welcome to my blog! I am the owner of Kristie Kuo Photography and I'm also a realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate for Omaha, Nebraska and its surrounding areas.   Allow me to share a bit of my story and background with you.


My love for photography started in childhood. My mother used to dress my sister and me in matching outfits for photographs. At 12, my family emigrated from Taiwan to Argentina. In Argentina, photographs allowed me to capture good memories with friends as well as surrounding architecture and landscapes. It was in Buenos Aires where I began to hone my passion and my craft.


Twelve years later, on a missionary trip to Tijuana, my camera documented the three days I spent enjoying the culture and hospitality of the people. It was then that I realized the power of photojournalism.


After marriage and three kids, I was inspired to pick up the camera again because I realized that I was not capturing enough memories of my growing family. So on May 11, 2014 (Mother's Day) I went to Target and got myself a DSLR camera. The rest is history!


In June 2023, I achieved a long-time dream of mine by obtaining my real estate license and embarking on a new career as a real estate agent. It's something I have wanted to do for a while, and I am thrilled to finally have the opportunity. I am eager to assist my friends, family, and past clients with any real estate inquiries or needs they may have. If you're interested, feel free to contact me for a complimentary consultation on your home's value or a detailed report on your home equity for investment purposes.


Explore your dreams and discover your passion. True passion never dies!





TIA / Elkhorn high school /class of 2021

November 28, 2020

We had so much fun last Saturday taking Tia's senior portraits.  She is a fun, athletic, and gorgeous girl attending Elkhorn High School in Nebraska.  My son knew about Tia and told me ahead of time that she is an awesome basketball player.  Knowing that, I came prepared with a step stool for her session.  We started at a park right behind her house.  It was a beautiful day with awesome weather!  Tia played some basketball while we took some sport shots  Toward the end of this series, we wanted to have some creative shots so we asked Tia to hang on the basketball rim while I quickly snap some pictures.  I have to admit that it was fun to do that but only with help of Tia's dad and my assistant.  Good thing we had a step stool and Tia's dad was standing by to help just in case it was too hard for her to hang on the rim.  

After this location, we headed to another park where we got lots of creative images using Lensbaby's Omni Filter System.  I wanted to use the stretch glass to achieve a dreamy look for Tia's pictures.  Below you can see one sample picture.  I hope you like the look as much as we did.

1I9A1019Omni filterLensbaby Omni Stretch glass                      



November 07, 2020

Maksim is a polite, smart, and talented boy. During our session, I asked him to play some music for me while I took his pictures. I was so touched by his gentle melody that I wanted to stop taking pictures and just enjoy the music. Unfortunately, that didn't happen because we had to go outdoor after the music session.  At the local park, we had so much fun! First, he climbed up the tank then he wanted to play football.  His session went by so fast because he was having fun while I took his senior portrait.  For sure this session was a memorable one for him and his mom!​
7X4A10657X4A10655Dmark iii 7X4A11667X4A11665Dmark iii 7X4A12157X4A12155Dmark iii

1I9A06121I9A06125Dmark iii


Jeff // commercial website pictures for Boldly Go Philanthropy

November 07, 2020

Jeff reached out to me for his business headshot and website pictures this past Tuesday.  I was able to get all his signed contracts and the half deposit on the same day after he contacted me.  So the next day he had his session.  We were both very happy because the weather was awesome that day.

Jeff was so easy to work with and he came prepared with all the outfits.  Before his photoshoot, I was able to help him choose the best outfits for the session.

Jeff and his partner are launching their new website soon.  Please go check it out next month!  


CO-FOUNDER OF boldlygophilanthropy.comCO-FOUNDER OF boldlygophilanthropy.com5Dmark iii

Stephen Model and Actor Headshots

November 07, 2020

Stephen *Modeling and Acting Headshot by Kristie Kuo Photography (KZM Studios) in Omaha, Nebraska

Few years ago Stephen reached out to me inquiring about acting headshots. I didn’t have the chance to take his pictures back then. Fast forward two years, recently he texted me and told me he is ready for his professional headshots. Stephen is a very polite young man. Few things I noticed about him is that he always shows up on time and has a very positive attitude toward everything. He is always smiling and grateful toward everything in life, including having his headshots taken in today’s freezing cold weather. It’s my honor that I get to work with him.


7X4A20197X4A20195Dmark iii 7X4A20827X4A20825Dmark iii 7X4A19657X4A19655Dmark iii 7X4A14947X4A14945Dmark iii 7X4A1316 27X4A1316 25Dmark iii



October 13, 2020

Throw back to year 2017 for Dorthy's video.  Here is the link for you to check it up.  Slide show video is included for our top package. 




NARA // Omaha high school seniors // Class of 2021 // Millard North High School

October 12, 2020

We had a great time taking senior pictures for Nara the other day.  She is such a sweet girl!  In addition to that, she is an artist!  I want to share her beatiful hand drawing art with you in this blog post.  Her dad told me, "she drew this freehand with a black ink pen while looking a photograph.  I don't know how she does this, and with an unerasable black ink pen!"  What a talented girl!  She also plays piano like me :).  Nara and her family decided to have her session at OPPD ARBORETUM in Omaha, Nebraska.  Thankfully, the weather was awesome and by the time we started our session, lots of people have already left the park.

Nara's dad purchased a beautiful traditional Korean dress for her from Amazon.  I learned that this dress is called, " Hanbok."  below is the information I found from Google // Wikipedia for the definition and meaning of Hanbok.

From Wikipedia:

hanbok (in South Korean) or Chosŏn-ot (in North Korean) is a traditional Korean dress for semi-formal or formal attire during traditional occasions such as festivalscelebrations, and ceremonies. It is characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. Although the term literally means "Korean clothing", today "hanbok" usually refers specifically to clothing worn during the Joseon dynasty period. Korea had a dual clothing tradition in which rulers and aristocrats adopted different kinds of mixed foreign-influenced indigenous styles, such as the gwanbok for officials, while commoners preserved a distinct style of indigenous clothing.[1][2]


Nebraska Senior PicturesNebraska Senior Pictures5Dmark iii Nebraska senior portraitsNebraska senior portraits


Never Too Late To Start Learning!

September 25, 2020

I love the sound and tone of cello and I have always wanted to learn cello.  Well, this summer I decided to buy a cello and took some lessons from one of my clients.  Now I can play a few songs!  What I am trying to say is it's never too late to start learning something you love.  I started at the age of 47 and I do not want to stop learning.  Back in college, I majored in Gerontology.  I learned that having a positive attitude and never stop learning is the key to living a full, meaningful life.  Therefore, follow your dream and chase it.  You never know how far you can reach.

Have a great weekend everyone!


7X4A93007X4A9300Instrumental shot from KKP! Cello is my favorite instrument! So glad I get to have one and practice whenever I have free time beside house chores, editing, busy taking beautiful photos of my seniors!

Jamie // Millard South Class of 2021

September 10, 2020

Class of 2021 senior portraits!KKP senior guyWe had a great time taking photographs of Jamie last week. The weather was perfect! Jamie is pretty sky but Tobi (my awesome assistant) and I managed to make him laugh. By the end of the session, Jamie just smiles without me telling him what do you. He was a natural! Jamie is pretty shy but Tobi (my awesome assistant) and I managed to make him laugh.  By the end of the session, Jamie was smiling without me telling him what do you.  He did a wonderful job, don't you think?

Emily-Millard West High School

August 16, 2020

Emily is such a sweet girl!  Not only she is nice but she is also very talented.  She loves to write and plays the viola.  Can't wait to share with her the pictures!




Seniorguy-Connor // Class of 2021 - Skutt Catholic High School

July 31, 2020

This is Connor. So glad I had the opportunity to take his senior pictures.  We have known Connor since he was in elementary school.  My kids used to play tennis with Connor and his sister.  Now he has grown up to be such a nice young man.  Not only he is polite and smart but he is also a great tennis player.  We wish Connor the best with his last year of high school and with all his future endeavors.

7X4A42827X4A42825Dmark iii 1I9A88741I9A88745Dmark iii 7X4A41787X4A41785Dmark iii 7X4A4329-27X4A4329-25Dmark iii

Omaha Senior PhotographerOmaha Senior Photographer5Dmark iii

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